Responsible fishing

Fishing guides practice selective fishing

When fishing with a professional guide it’s common to catch a lot of fish. To ensure the vitality of fish stock it’s not wise to keep all the catch. Our waters need big predators to keep the Cyprinids like roach and similar fish stock in balance. Therefore it’s a common practice to release the biggest fish after taking photos and to choose the catch of the day from the middle size fish. For example when fishing for pike a great size for a fish to be taken as a dinner is between 2-3 kilos.

We recommend the rule of three fish as a bag limit per each angler for a day. With a good conscience you can take home:

- Perch, 3 kg per angler
- Sander, 3 fish per angler
- Pike, 3 fish per angler
- Sea trout, 3 fish per angler (only trout over 50 cm of size and with a cut adipose fin)