Fishing permits

You need a fishing permit for your fishing trip. You can either get your permit on your own in advance or your fishing guide can provide it for you.

Since 2016 anglers between the age of 18 to 65 need only one fishing permit called fisheries management fee for lure fishing with one rod in water areas that don’t have fishing restrictions. The fee covers whole Finland. The fisheries management fee costs:

39 eur/ year
12 eur / 7 days
5 eur / day

You cannot pay the fisheries management fee directly to a bank account, because the new law requires all anglers between 18-64 to register. When anglers pay the fee for the first time they need to register. In the registration you are asked your name, contact details and date of birth (no social security number).

Fisheries management fee doesn’t cover fishing in all waters. You cannot fish in waters with restrictions, commercial fishing sites or the running and rapids sections of waters with migratory fish stocks. The restricted waters can be found from:

You can pay you fisheries management fee also in R-kioski or by calling the service number: 020 69 2424. Service number can be used on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. You may pay the fisheries management fee also at the Online store: